School Bus Mobility

The school does not offer a transportation service. The transportation services referred by the school are merely informative and not recommended. In addition, the organizations listed under the mobility references are requested exclusively by parents which relieves the school of any responsibility.”

However, the school does support the parents in this process by facilitating communication between the parents and the companies that provide the transportation service and have provided the correspondent documentation, and whose services have been evaluated through user surveys and questionnaires.

On the other hand, the people that offer the transportation services have organised themselves and established rules that allow them to meet the conditions that the school and parents require. This organization refers to the distribution of the service by areas and levels (early years, primary and secondary). The school does not intervene in the determination of the rates that each transportation service may set.

However, the school has given certain provisions to the people that offer the service, these provisions have been made available to you via our secretaries, and hopefully you will help us monitor their fulfilment. One of them indicates that students may only use the transport services within their level and not others. This allows them to adhere to the set Schedule and allows our younger students to share a space amongst themselves like they would do during recess or other school activities.

If you decide to contract a transport service that does not appear in our list, then we ask you to ensure that they follow the aforementioned provisions, and we would also invite said transport service to form part of our authorized list. In past experiences we have found that the transport services that do not appear in our list are generally the ones that do not desire to adhere to the rules and conditions that the schools and authorities set, which would result in negative effects for the service.

If you do not desire to use a transport service and would much rather organise a carpool with other parents, you may inform this on to our secretaries in January.

Finally, once you have decided on the school transport that you would like your children to use, you must inform their tutors using the form that will be given to you on registration day.

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