About us

Trener school is a bilingual, mixed and secular school, which brings in the valuable experience accumulated by the Trener Academy during the 35 years in which it prepared thousands of young students to enter the university.

We provide our students with a thorough English and a modern curricula, in order to prepare them to meet the academic demands of tomorrow's world, and to promote their personal development and autonomous thinking.

We promote individual abilities, while encouraging our students to enjoy their learning and feel satisfaction in overcoming difficulties and seeing their achievements recognized. All this has allowed us to forge a different educational environment, in which we attend to the particular characteristics of each student and respect their different interests and ways of learning.

In a general environment of respect, self-discipline and universal values ​​are worked with special emphasis. Thus, our students have the opportunity to plan and organize their own work, meet the demands and goals set by the school, accept responsibilities, work in teams and show solidarity. Arts and sports are also an important part of their education.

To promote efficiently an adequate personal and academic development, each section has a tutor whose mission is to know and support each student and generate a space for group reflection.

On the other hand, we understand the role that the family has in education, so the exchange of information between students, teachers and parents is permanent and fluid. The importance we attach to visits, meetings and information interviews during the school election process are examples of the significance of establishing proper communication for us from the beginning.

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Our vision

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